Mytho A

Introduction to our fully automatic Mytho A machine.

Mytho A is a turntable pallet wrapper for automated, in-line use. Being able to cut, clamp and secure film tails, the only operator intervention required is to replenish the film reel.

The standard machine is available in three basic formats: Atlanta patented articulated arm, conventional vertical mast, or vertical mast with double carriage for high throughput.

The Mytho A has a small footprint and can be used for low to medium-throughput applications. It is a very versatile machine with high levels of programmability and, depending on the choice of options, can be suited to a wide range of applications from basic and simple to complex.

Output range is up to 60 pallets/hour, subject to layout and wrap parameters.

Contact us with your throughput, pallet height and general product description and we’ll be happy to advise.

  • Easy to navigate operator HMI with multiple pre-set programs
  • Easy access and quick load film carriage
  • Inverter driven roller or chain conveyor
  • Integrated top sheet applicator for dust or water-resistant wrap
  • Top press to stabilise load
  • Variable pre-stretch film carriage for optimisation of film performance and efficiency
  • Film roping and band wrapping for added load stability and security
  • Automatic corner post applicator
  • Fully automated conveyor system
  • Machine for integration or fully guarded system with Full CE Certification
Rotation speed5-15rpm inverter controlled
Standard wrap height2100mm
Electrical system & motor protectionIP54
Power supply400 V - 50/60 Hz – 3 Ph + N + T
Air supply6 bar
Throughputup to 60 pallets/hour
Mytho-A Vertical Mast

Mytho-A Vertical Mast

The Mytho-A with vertical mast uses a familiar format of robust roller or chain conveyor turntable with a vertical mast containing vertical drive for the film carriage.

This model is also available with top press to aid pallet stability during wrapping. An extended mast option enables wrapping of tall pallets.

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Mytho-A Articulated Arm

Mytho-A Articulated Arm

Utilising the standard Atlanta base unit and standard film carriage options, the articulated arm is a patented design unique to Atlanta.

It provides a number of benefits:

  • No high-level maintenance requirement
  • Ships in one piece requiring no assembly
  • Capability to mount an integrated top sheet applicator on the same conveyor side as the main machine

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The Mytho-A DOUBLE is based on the standard vertical mast machine. It has two independent pre-stretch carriages for faster wrap cycles and increased throughput capability. Up to 60 pallets / hour.

Each carriage operates independently utilising just one cut and clamp unit for both film tails. Meaning access to re-load both film reels can be done from one single side of the conveyor.

Parameter set up is simple, via the easy-to-use HMI. There is also the option to switch to single reel operation, using either carriage.

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Shrink Wrapping

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Stretch Wrapping

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