Case Packing

Automatic wrap-around packers to form and load cardboard trays, cases and SRP’s.

Atlanta’s robust and easy-to-use case packing machines offer the ideal solution for collating and packing loose products.

These case packing machines will automatically manage a mass product infeed, marshal product into pack format, and neatly pack by forming and sealing the case or tray around the product from a one-piece blank. Creating a neat, robust package suitable for stacking and use in many industrial sectors, including:

Food – Beverage – Personal Care – Detergents

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Frequently Asked Questions

Case Packing

What is case packaging?

Case packing is the process of packing items into a corrugated box for shipping. It is done by hand or with automated machinery.

How does a case packer work?

A case packer machine is an automated machine that sets up a tray or wrap-around case and loads product from the side, top or bottom. After loading the product, the case is closed and sealed with glue or tape.

What is the advantage of case packing machines?

Packaging machines can efficiently package materials at higher speeds without the burnout associated with manual processes. Automated systems are also more consistent in improving cycle time and overall operations.


Many industries are now using case packing machines because the end result is the production of a box that is neat, stackable and environmentally friendly. Some key industries are:

  • food
  • beverage
  • personal care
  • detergents


As the production solution is completely made of cardboard, it is therefore completely recyclable and allows the company to take advantage of any available net zero tax incentives.

Case Packing

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