Box Manufacturer – Automated Pallet Wrapping

Project Overview

A leading Peterborough-based cardboard box manufacturer approached Atlanta UK with a request for an automated solution to enhance their pallet wrapping and handling processes.

The investment was in response to a significant surge in orders that strained the box manufacturer’s existing manual operations.

Sector: Box Manufacturer

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Faced with the challenge of managing pallet loads reaching heights of up to 2900mm and handling rates approaching 60 pallet loads per hour, the box plant sought a transformative solution. The company’s rapid growth underscored the need for more efficient internal pallet movement.

What we achieved…

Atlanta UK responded with a tailored approach that introduced an innovative low-level pallet conveying system, seamlessly integrated with the box plant’s existing palletising operation. From the outset, this inventive solution greatly improved process efficiency, enabling the sequencing of full loads, two at a time, into a custom-designed high-speed rotary arm pallet wrapping unit.

One of the significant advantages of the introduced low-level conveyors was their role in streamlining the unloading of fully wrapped and secured pallets. Given that all internal pallet movements within the facility relied on standard powered pallet trucks with no lifting capabilities, the conveyors facilitated this essential step.

The inherent instability of the column-stacked pallet loads presented a unique challenge. Moreover, the wrapping process required a delicate balance between securing the load and minimising the use of film. The need for reliable film welding at the end of each wrapping cycle was also emphasised, preventing unwinding during unloading at end-user sites. Atlanta UK’s proprietary welding solution, featuring constant heating and minimal maintenance, has proven remarkably effective in meeting these demands.

Throughout the project lifecycle, Atlanta UK demonstrated its commitment to a comprehensive approach. From design and manufacturing to installation and commissioning, all milestones were successfully accomplished within the specified project timescales. Close collaboration with the box plant’s existing film supplier ensured a seamless transition and commissioning process.

Benefit 1

Improved process efficiency: The new system enabled faster handling and wrapping of pallet loads, resulting in reduced manual labour and increased productivity.

Benefit 2

Enhanced pallet security: The high-speed rotary arm pallet wrapping unit ensured that all loads were wrapped securely and consistently, minimising potential damage during transport.

Benefit 3

Cost savings: The system’s ability to minimise the use of film while ensuring a robust wrap led to significant film savings in the long run.

Benefit 4

Seamless integration: Atlanta UK’s solution was custom-designed to integrate smoothly with the box plant’s existing operations, eliminating disruptions and the need for major operational shifts.

Benefit 5

Reliability: The proprietary welding solution ensured that the wrapped pallet loads remained secured during transportation, reducing the risk of unwinding or damage.


“We approached Atlanta UK during a pivotal moment of growth and faced significant operational challenges. The automated solution they provided not only seamlessly integrated with our existing processes but also took our efficiency and productivity to unprecedented levels.

“The care and expertise demonstrated by Atlanta UK throughout the project were unparalleled. Today, we can confidently manage the surge in orders and ensure the highest quality wrapping for our products. Partnering with them has been one of our best business decisions to date.”

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