Brewery – Automatic In-Line Case Packing

Project Overview

We were approached by Magic Rock who was looking to improve and automate their canning operation at their Huddersfield brewery. 

They had already investigated several options and were very keen to get the right solution for their premises. The brewing operation was mainly distributed between two areas of the building and had grown incrementally as the business had grown.

Sector: Drinks and Beverages

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This meant that the canning operation took up most of the smaller area of the building and the access route between the two operational areas was a single opening in the adjoining wall.

The challenge involved providing a low-cost and compact case-packing solution that linked the canning line to the packing area without losing any packing or racking space.

What we achieved…

We collaborated with KHS to ensure the optimum solution was found to accommodate the case packers’ ideal positioning.

We were able to suggest and provide our Raffaello case packer, which with careful positioning was able to link up with the canning line and remain within the canning area.

The machine was positioned to allow the accumulation conveyor sufficient space while also directing the packed cases directly through to the packing area. The machine was perfectly suited to produce the formats that Magic Rock was looking for.


Benefit 1

Magic Rock was now able to provide the cases that their customers had specified while retaining the optimal amount of space for the stacking and despatch operation. 

Benefit 2

Magic Rock was also able to redesign its racking to accommodate the storage of empty cans and boxed product. With eleven different products to manage this was a considerable undertaking, which was only made possible by having our Raffaello case packer positioned out of the way.

Benefit 3

The Raffaello is a case packer with the smallest possible footprint and has proved to be a real success for Magic Rock, who have increased production and productivity as a direct result of their automated line.


“We have been really impressed with the machine’s operation and ease of use. We quickly became familiar with changing formats and, overall, the case packer has been a big success.”  

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