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Atlanta currently manufactures around 450 automatic pallet wrapping machines and systems per year.

Atlanta currently manufactures around 450 automatic pallet wrapping machines and systems per year, including automatic pallet wrap machines and auto pallet wrap machines. Each our machines is individually specified to meet its particular application. Our range is split into three commonly known basic types: turntable, rotary arm, and high-speed ring.

Within each of these sectors, we offer automatic stretch wrapping, automatic stretch wrappers, and a wide range of specifications and options to enable us to tailor a solution to meet your specific requirements.

Not sure what you need? We can assess your requirements with you and explain the options available. Please look through our range of automatic pallet wrapping machines and get in touch for some advice and a quote.

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In the Beginning…

Our founding owner, Angelo Forni, was at the forefront of pallet stretch wrapping technology. In the early 1980s, he discovered and brought an exciting new concept of mobile pallet wrapping to the world. So began a journey, which has seen Angelo and his company, Atlanta, at the forefront of our industry, leading in automatic pallet stretch wrap machine technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Automatic Pallet Wrapping

What is automatic pallet wrapping used for?

Automatic pallet wrapping involves the use of stretch wrap film applied by automatic stretch wrap machines to wrap items safely & securely for transport. These machines can be stand-alone or form part of a continuous production line, achieving speeds up to 140 pallets per hour and more.

What are the benefits of using an automatic pallet wrapping machine?

Automatic pallet wrapping machines, such as roller turntable, rotating arm, or ring wrapper machines, offer different benefits. They provide higher throughput, precise wrapping, and suitable solutions for various needs, from small footprints to high-speed operations.

How does an automatic stretch wrapper work?

Automatic stretch wrappers operate by revolving the pallet or by moving the film carriage around the pallet using advanced technology, including the very latest nanotechnology and recycled stretch films that can be stretched by up to 300%.

Stretch Wrapping

What is the difference between stretch wrapping and shrink-wrapping?

Pallet stretch wrap is generally more for transport, typically used in securing boxes to keep them together on pallets for transport with minimal plastic material and high energy efficiency. Pallet shrink wrap was used for products which were uneven in shape, required outside storage or printed for branding. Energy, capital, and maintenance cost has seen pallet stretch wrap become the economic and environmental choice.

Is stretch wrap sticky?

Stretch films or wraps are stretchable plastic films that are used to wrap products to keep them in place securely, commonly used in shipping pallets. Whilst the material partially sticks to itself, it also allows wrapped pallets to slide past each other when passing through the supply chain.

What is the difference between a stretch hood and a stretch wrap?

Compared to the stretch wrapping technique that simply wraps stretch film around the pallet load, a stretch hood covers all five visible faces of the load. A stretch hood is usually used in connection with agricultural products for outside storage.

Why select a particular stretch machine type?

  • Roller turntable machine – Lower throughput volumes, smallest footprint, shortest height.
  • Rotating arm – Faster throughput, larger machine, various models.
  • Ring wrapper – High-speed machine, technically advanced, highly precise wrapping.

For more information on automatic pallet wrapping machines, pallet stretch wrapping machines, please contact us for a tailored solution to meet your needs.

What types of products can be wrapped using automatic pallet wrapping machines?

Our range of automatic pallet wrapping machines can handle almost any product, from standard factory items to agricultural products, ensuring secure and efficient transport.

How do automatic pallet-wrapping machines contribute to cost savings?

By automating the wrapping process with our automatic pallet and stretch wrapping solutions, businesses can save on labour costs, increase efficiency, reduced film & energy costs, and ensure consistent wrapping quality.

What are the safety features of automatic pallet wrapping machines?

Our automatic pallet wrapping machines are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, including emergency stop functions and safety barriers, to ensure secure operation.

Can I customise an automatic pallet wrapping machine to fit my specific needs?

Yes, Atlanta offers a wide range of specifications and options, including automatic stretch wrappers and auto pallet wrap machines, to tailor a solution that meets your unique requirements.

Stretch Wrapping and Other Solutions

Whats the difference between an automatic pallet wrap machine and a semi-auto pallet stretch wrapping?

An automatic pallet wrap machine provides automated wrapping solutions for efficient and consistent pallet wrapping, while a pallet stretch wrapping machine might include both automated and manual options for wrapping pallets with stretchable film.

How do automatic stretch-wrapping machines achieve high-speed wrapping?

Our high-speed ring automatic stretch wrapping machines utilise advanced technology and precise engineering to achieve wrapping speeds of up to approximately 140 pallets per hour.

Are there eco-friendly options available in automatic stretch wrapping?

Yes, Atlanta offers automatic stretch wrapping solutions that can utilise recyclable materials and energy-efficient technologies to minimise environmental impact.

Support and Services

What kind of support and services does Atlanta provide for automatic pallet wrapping machines?

Atlanta offers comprehensive support and services, including installation, training, maintenance, and parts supply, ensuring that your automatic pallet wrapping machine operates smoothly.

Who are the manufacturers of the stretch wrapping machines that Atlanta offers?

As a leading manufacturer in the industry, Atlanta produces a wide range of stretch wrapping machine solutions, including automatic pallet wrapping machines, automatic stretch wrappers, and more.

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