Introducing the Nova compact high-speed ring wrapper

The Nova compact high-speed ring wrapper is a direct replacement for ageing, unsupported ring wrappers. With a throughput of 80 pallets per hour, it ensures optimal load retention and security while minimising film usage.

Not only is the Nova easy to install, operate, and maintain, but it also offers unparalleled value for your investment. From its competitive capital cost to its unmatched reliability and reduced long-term ownership expenses, the Nova outperforms the competition.

Contact us today with your specific throughput, pallet height and product details, and we’ll provide expert guidance to meet your needs.

  • Easy to navigate operator HMI with multiple pre-set programs
  • Easy access and quick load film carriage
  • Integrated top sheet applicator for dust or water-resistant wrap
  • Top press to stabilise load
  • Pre-stretch film carriage for optimisation of film performance and efficiency
  • Double film carriage for increased throughput
  • Pallet lifter to increase product to pallet security
  • Film roping and band wrapping for added load stability and security
  • Increased wrap height for tall pallets
  • Fully automated conveyor system
  • Machine for integration or fully guarded with Full CE Certification
  • Unique mechanical film cut without hazardous fumes
  • Unique low maintenance, no tails, constantly heated, Teflon plated film welding
  • Automatic Failsafe lock-out system to current legislation
  • Corner Post application to provide additional product protection
Rotation speedUp to 50rpm
Wrap height2500mm + (conveyor + pallet)
Electrical system & motor protectionIP54
Power supply400 V - 50/60 Hz – 3 Ph + N + T
Air supply6 bar
Throughputup to 80 pallets/hour

Nova Standard

The Nova offers a compact design that seamlessly replaces existing wrapping machines, allowing you to maintain your conveyors, guarding, and operational space, minimising installation disruptions and time. It ships on a pallet in a standard trailer/container for easy unloading and installation.

With advanced features like ‘infinite contact’ pre-stretching using the latest films, such as ultra-thin Nano or recycled content, the Nova ensures precise film elongation, reducing film usage while optimising load containment and security, benefiting both the environment and your budget.

Additionally, the Nova comes with automatic safety lockouts to comply with current lifting regulations – a feature lacking in many older wrapping machines.

In today’s automated supply chains, the Nova’s Atlanta film weld solution guarantees a tidy tail free finish for every pallet, eliminating the need for weekly maintenance of teflon tapes and heating elements.

If you deal with irregular or transhipped pallet loads, the Nova offers smart solutions to safeguard your goods, ensuring they reach their destination intact and secure, thereby minimising damage and returns.

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